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Eco Collection

Sustainable Regenerated Yarn

A/W 19  Eco Collection of Knitwear is made entirely from recycled fibres.

The cable knit ponchos that we have sourced for the AW19 Cable Poncho Collection,  are made in the EU exclusively from recycled fibres.

The fibres which make up these yarns are from both pre- and post-consumer waste, which is to say that they are made up of yarn wasted during the manufacturing process, and also from completed garments.

Collected materials are sorted by hand into colour groups and yarn types before being mechanically shredded and combed until they are ready to be respun into beautiful new yarn.

The recycled yarns are not re-dyed, but retain the colours of the original manufacturing process.

By making a conscious decision to purchase garments made from recycled yarn, you are helping to bring the fashion industry one step closer to sustainability.